Sunday, February 6, 2011

Roses can be any color and Violets are Violet

I've been mulling over that title for a few days now, and it still makes me chuckle :)

A grand multitude of things have happened since I last posted.  I seem to not have time to breathe, and there are some things that I have to sacrifice.  I last posted the day that classes started. Or something to that effect.  I am, number one, taking 25 or so credits. Two, I have rehearsal for the musical I'm in (Thoroughly Modern Millie) every day, save Friday and Saturday, until around 10 pm and soon I will have things to do from being Props Master for the same show. Three, I have a job, four- an internship twice a week, five- choir rehearsal 3 times a week, six- rehearsal for the OTHER musical medley that I'm in once every 2 weeks, and seven- homework.  In that I still seem to have time to work out almost every day, keep my grades above failing, and who am I kidding. I didn't have a social life BEFORE I had a hundred things to do everyday. :) Anyway. I seem to be handling it pretty well.  I haven't had a nervous break down yet, and I haven't been crabby at anyone! That sounds like success to me.

I feel like I had a thousand things to talk about but as soon as I started writing they all drifted away to the land of the lost thoughts, odd socks and remote controllers.

Something random I would like to put down- baby names.  I really enjoy having my name be somewhat obscure and different.  I think its still pretty and not something my parents should be slapped for, but its odd and different.  I would like to keep that tradition going in my family. Whenever I start one.  :)  Some of the baby names I have found, written down, and LOVED are as follows:

Girls:                                                                              Boys:
Elyse                                                                              Briggs
Daveney                                                                        Porter
Astor                                                                              Silas
Troian                                                                            Brennan
Hialeah                                                                          Shea
Elizabeth (not that odd, but I love it)
MacKenzie (pretty common too, but a fave)
Recently added: 
Darby                                                                            Pritchard
Weiss                                                                            Kylar

I really like all of those names. I would be happy if any of my children were named something from that list.  Everyone tells me Porter is a really preppy name, but I love it!!  If you have any suggestions for cool names like that, I'm more than open for suggestions.  If I want 8 kids, I have to have some sort of options! :D

I think the rest of my ideas for this post had something to do with Valentines Day... Which I LOVE, in spite of the fact that with the exception of one year, I've never really had anyone to spend it with. But mannnn, was that a good one :D  I'll write about V-Day some other time.. this post is a work in progress, but feel free to entertain yourselves with the others :P lol

Okay, well I have to get up early, Goodnight all!!


I'm sure TONS of you have seen this site before, but I think its HYSTERICAL! :) Enjoy!