Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hello world! I seem to have fallen off your face, but I have returned!

For the past 4 months I have been overtaken with the load of the Spring musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie.  I have ignored family, friends, society, homework, food, and I think the hardest hit was sleep. For nearly 120 days, the group of us cast in the musical have been through dance rehearsals, music rehearsals, blocking rehearsals, dress rehearsals, cue-to-cues, and 4 unforgettable performances, probably estimating somewhere around 300+ hours.  The outcome was absolutely 98% worth it.  I firmly believe, though I have been assured otherwise by the director, that some of the stress might have been avoided with better planning and organization.  However, that was not the case, and in the circumstances, I really enjoyed the entire process.  I haven't been in a musical in about 4 years and I forgot how much I missed it.  Anyway, I'm back into the swing, and I am happy to be done with Millie, so that I might be able to recover this semester.

In other news, I have made a new friend.  His name is Jimmy, and I really, really like him.  I guess you might say he is slightly more than a friend, but I'm taking it slowly and just seeing where things go.  I hope it turns out well and I will keep you posted.

As the last few weeks of school approach, I am now loaded with school work. Mainly music and lines to memorize, scenes to rehearse and a paper to write.  Some design projects, some real final exams to study for and a couple dances.  Overall, I think it won't be a quarter of the time or effort that needed to be invested into Millie, but none-the-less, a ton of work.  So its time to hit the ground running and finish the semester strong.

For the Summer, I have no idea what I want to do.  Ideally, I would LOVE to go back to Cheerio, or find somewhere else I can escape to. I've thought about going back up north for the summer.  Finding a summer job up there, and just working. It would be such a nice change from being down here for so long.  There is just one, potentially large, problem.  There is a strong, and by strong I mean almost definite possibility I won't come back.  After being away for so long, being so homesick, and then going back for 3 months? I don't care how many friends I have or how much I love my school, I will NOT want to come back, I know that as I am simply thinking about it.  I would like to do something that is fun. Perhaps something new.  Lifeguarding again is something I would do in a heartbeat, I love it. But if I can find something else, that is fun, the times are the same, or manageable, and it's something I wouldn't mind doing all summer, and potentially longer, than great.  There is a bakery that is on Main St. and I am going to go there tomorrow to see if they need any help with anything, not just decorating.  I would LOVE to be able to get into that, but I know that takes a lot of experience, practice, and references.  We'll see!!

I am really going to try to write a new post every few days, or at lease every week.  I should have been doing it through my struggles with Millie.  It might have saved me a few sleepless nights.

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