Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday To You!

I love birthdays. I love ALL holidays, but birthdays especially
I must wish a very happy birthday to my dear sister, Heather. I love her so much and she is the sister I am closest in age to.  She's only 3 years older than me and that gives us a little bit more of a special bond, I guess you would say :D

Anyway.  I love birthdays.  I could never understand the people who don't like their birthday, or have this perpetual notion that there is some law in the universe set forth to prevent them from having a good birthday. RUBBISH! It's not what you do, or what happens to you, or even who you're with, that makes a birthday good or not. It's just being happy that you're alive for one more year.  Although you may not always have it off from school, or from work, and you may have to actually DO something on your birthday, doesn't mean you can't be happy to be alive. Your birthday IS a holiday and you should treat it as such.  If your birthday falls on another holiday, well look at you! :) This definition (though from wikipedia) is a pretty accurate one.

birthday is a day or anniversary where a person celebrates his or her day of birth.

PRECISELY! I don't know why anyone wouldn't be happy that they were born and want to share that with everyone. If you AREN'T in fact happy to be alive, I'm so sorry, and I still hope you enjoy your birthday :)

It's June. Wow. June 2011 no less. Time flies. I can not believe I am 21 years old, I am going into in my 4th year of college, and I still have about 2-3 to go. I am SO ready to be a grown up it's not even funny! I can not WAIT to get out of my house, on my own and start living MY life and making MY own decisions.  I think if I was able to live on campus this year, that might give me SOME relief, but good luck with that one!  

I am stumbling a lot more than usual, lately. Not tripping and falling any more, just stumbling :) I am finding the greatest things! I find recipes for my endless collection of confections and I find artwork, quotes, games, videos, generally just cool stuff. Like this! :)


How to turn "water" into marbles. COOLEST thing I've seen in a long time.  

Have a happy day everyone! :)