Wednesday, March 13, 2013

123 Easy St.

     "It's only about, oh, every day that I wish for a simpler life. Simpler society. One with morals and ethics and a sense of decorum. Tact and tradition have been thoroughly lost these days and I can only hope that I, one day, will have the opportunity to make MY entire world simpler."

     I've just recently, as in about twenty minutes ago, posted this thought onto my facebook page, but I did not seem to be able to leave it there. I must expand and get out my thoughts. 

    Let me start with my current life happenings. After a very busy, though successful holiday season at Victoria's Secret, I was not kept on as a permanent associate. Though I do have a job at the YMCA, it has given me a lot of time to think about my life in the past few weeks. I am looking for something full time, but I've managed just well enough without one so far. Personal life, has improved about ten thousand fold. There are every day qualms and struggles to stress about, but nothing life altering. 

Except for Robert. 

Robert, has just recently come into my life, and made the darkest days sunny again. I really can not express how greatly I care for him. We have been in contact for a few months. About a month or so before Christmas, and we finally went out on Superbowl Sunday. In a short month, we've been made official as boyfriend and girlfriend and I am very happy. He is smart, handsome, talented at his passion, and actually has a passion; flying. He has taken me up, and is a wonderful pilot. He definitely impresses me with it. He is from just outside Boston, but the distance has had no real impact on us. I can not wait to see where this road and Robert take me. I am very much excited for whatever lies ahead. 

Robert's parents are from Portugal. More specifically, the Azores. (Impressive, huh?) Though he does not really look Portuguese, his family has the elegance, tradition, manner, and class of a good European family. This is part of my inspiration. 

I see the life they lead, very happy in their position, not overcome with material things, though they are not puritans in the sense, and appreciating little things like good food, and time with family. These are some of the most fundamental, core values that I love about places outside of the US. It is part of their blood and their heritage. They embrace the Americas and it's fast-paced society, but they never fail to remember what is really important. 

Now, I HAVE only met his parents once, but from what I know about them from our interactions and what Robert has told and shown me, I get this impression, and I very much like it. I've seen it before, on a much larger scale, whilst in Ireland. There are very few things more important than family, friends, life, and happiness. Not money, or power, or material things. None of that matters if you've got friends at your door, and love in your heart. THESE, are the things I long for. I couldn't care less about all of my stuff, if I have no one to spend my time and share my heart with, it's not worth it. 

Whew! Enough ranting. Move it along.

I've been watching Downton Abbey. The newly skyrocketed fad of a show has not left me behind in the list of it's victims. I have always put Pride and Prejudice as one of my top five favorite movies and Jane Eyre as my favorite book, and though this is a little later as far as time period goes, there are MANY similar themes and situations. 

I have ALWAYS admired the lifestyle of the Bennett and Rochester Households. Calm and simple and loving. There were no cell phones, or Facebook or computers to occupy people's time, money and brain cells with. Only books, family, dancing, and love. Tell me that isn't appealing?! Austen and Bronte have made me a jealous fit, and Julian Fellowes has done nothing less. Old houses, old traditions, old clothes, and customs. There are few things in life more appealing to me. 

I have had the desire to live out of country for quite some time now, but only in the past year or so, has it seemed a real possibility. What is stopping me? Nothing. Bills, and money don't deter me, for I would certainly not be living on the dole in another country, just as I am not here. I would work. Loyalty to country has very little to do with it. The state of the country, I try not to let encourage me to flee as quickly as I can, but it certainly is difficult. Family does not stop me. Surely I would miss them, but they will understand. It is MY life, after all. They all have their own, and this would be how I chose to live mine. I would hope I could be married to, or be with someone who supported me one hundred percent, and was one hundred-fifty percent by my side in the journey. 

Each day I try to think of reasons to stay, or a reason NOT to go, I suppose, and I am rewarded with nothing but support and more evidence to encourage me to go. 

So tell me. Why not? What or who is stopping me from fleeing the country and never turning back?
It's definitely better than a stick in the eye. 

My Aunt Connie says that all the time. I DO suppose there aren't many things that aren't better than a stick in the eye...

Anywhom. Goodnight peaceful bugs. :)

11 days and counting.

We're all supposed to die on the 21st right? That's when some catastrophic world event is going to end us all? Yeah, well, we all have our ideas. Some, better than others.

It is time, long overdue, frankly, for a new post. Almost 6 months since my last one. I used to think this cathartic and soothing, but I simply have not thought about it, despite the ever accessible app on my home screen. For shame. Better late than never, I always say.

First, I am quite ready for a new start. Be it the Judgement and an eternal life in happiness or fire and brimstone, or simply the new year. Though, I have never found much promise in the new year. Simply frustration with writing the date wrong for the first 2 months. I suppose I've found myself to not be one for resolutions, but rather have every day start with a resolution. I've found how things can change over the course of a single minute, never mind a whole day, and I don't think I like making life goals for myself only once a year. Anyway! Enough Scrooge talk. I am also ready for the next chapter of my life to kick in. Maybe it has, and I just can't see it, because I'm in it.

In the past 6 months, I have moved. Drastically. 800 miles across country. Granted, I am nearer to friends and more family, but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the stability and certainty of North Carolina, no matter how much I despised the place. I have had good relationships, bad ones, short ones, shorter ones, and relationships that didn't get their fair shot in. Only to be ever lurking in the recesses of my romantic mind. Been through jobs, a new home, and most recently, a broken up car. .

Not only have I not finished this post, the world did not in fact end, which gives me the most splendid opportunity to post, as-is, and start anew.