Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Absence makes the heart wander.

Whew! I've been away for so long, I have been quite busy and I have a lot to talk about!

First. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! No more boyfriend. Happy Valentines Day! Happy Birthday! and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh my, that IS a lot to cover!

Let's start with my birthday. I turned 22 this year.. Goodness gracious. I had a really good birthday though. I spent the day with my niece and my grandmother and we went to Chuck E. Cheese's. My niece is four, so it's okay. :)  That was really fun and then later, there was me and my friend's time. We went bowling, and to a bar for about 5 minutes. Overall, uneventful, but still a good day.  Let's see.. other Holidays. Oh, I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Disney! I'll never do it again... I went to Rhode Island and was with my dad for New Years. Spent Valentine's Day eating pizza and watching movies with one of my dearest friends, and St. Patrick's Day in a car driving to and from northern Virginia. Something kind of unique for each holiday, but few of them traditional. 

On to the issue of no more boyfriend. We broke up at the end of January, but we still talk almost every day. There was a situation that neither of us could help, and we just couldn't be together any more. It obviously, doesn't feel great, but I'm doing alright, we weren't together for too long to begin with.

Moving on. 

SUMMER IS COMING! From the doppler, I would be keen to say it's already here. Has been for a while!  There has been so much BEAUTIFUL weather and hand in hand comes thunder storms. I don't mind them, in fact, I grew up watching them with my father. However, 2 summers ago, I was at the camp I work at, and I was near something that got struck by lightning. That was the single scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Needless to say, I am now much more wary of thunderstorms! I still like the thunder and rain though. :) I ALSO love thunderstorm season because I work with water. Any time there is lightning-SHUT DOWN! :D I love work, but an unexpected break is always nice.

We've been painting our house gradually over the past... while, but just a couple weeks ago, we made really good headway in terms of colors and getting things painted. My grandmother is painting the living room, a nice steely-pale blue. It's beautiful. We're painting my bathroom a nice pale green, and my bedroom is a buttery yellow. I LOVE that over the burnt pumpkin orange it is now. BLEH!  We've painted a storage chest, my desk for my room, my side table, and we're halfway done with the china cabinet. There is still PLENTY left to be done. 

I'm in school this second half of the semester, but I'm only taking two classes. I'm taking english, which will get me into ECU (YAY!) and a creative activities class, which will help me get my foot in the door of the elementary education department at ECU. Oh yeah, I'm changing majors. Again. Lol. They're both fast paced, but I don't mind that so much. They'll be over sooner. :)

Back to summer. I would love to be able to go the the beaches, that are actually here in North Carolina, sometime. My best friend, Anna-Parsons who is at ECU now would go with me, and Greenville isn't too far from the beach. My Aunt and Uncle have a house on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina, but it's super expensive to rent out. Maybe someday!

I AM however, going to Disney at the end of April and I CAN not wait. I am finally going to worlds.. Cheerleading worlds that is. Since I was about ten years old, I have been cheerleading and this is the equivalent of the olympics for competitive cheerleading. Only the best are invited, and only the best of the best win. My best friend of thirteen years is competing, and being half as far from Disney as I've been for most of my life, I am going. It will be warm, and sunny, and we'll go to the beach and have a wonderful time, NOT to mention I get to see the best teams in the world, with my very own eyes. One of the best teams, usually a top five and a lot of the time the winners, is stationed right here in my town. About 5 minutes from my house. I've been there once, to watch an open gym, and I'm going to the open house this coming saturday. They probably won't show everything they have for worlds, but a good amount. I also know a girl on one of the teams. Enough of my obsession with the most girly sport ever created.

Along with Florida, I'm going to Charleston in the beginning of June. My grandmother and I are going to see Glenn Beck (don't make fun of me) and we have actually really good seats. My sister Brenna lives in Charleston, and I've only met her once before, when I was about 5 or 6. It would be really nice to see her again, if we get a chance to get together. It will also be nice to be in such a beautiful city in June!

So let's see.. 
Sounds like a good summer :)
Not to mention I get to work in a pool and water park all summer. Tan, here I come!

I'm getting a new follower today. Yay! I've started to be friendly with the brother of one of my best friends. Welcome Gabriel! (Back) To the world of reading people's complaints about their life. :D Hope you enjoy it!

I'm going to watch New Girl now. Goodnight!
<3 -R

OH! I love these. I want to make a ton of them and sell them. Great new thing for the summer!