Friday, December 23, 2011

Qualities A Boyfriend Should Have

I saw this post from my friend the other day, and I like it, for the most part. First off, there SHOULD NOT be 100 of them, nor do there need to be. If you had to cut your list of things you want in a boyfriend down to 100, you are WAY to darn picky, and you need to be realistic. I think this could be cut down to about 10-15 MUST-haves and maybe 5-10 nice-to-haves. I'm gonna try to cut it down to what I think it should be.

I'm going to leave that list, so you can judge for yourself and see what else you would put in there other than what I have chosen for me. I WILL, however, put my commentary next to each of them, and put my new and improved list down below. :)

1. …will not cheat on me. -Duh. Honesty.
2. …will recycle, donate to a cause, volunteer, and otherwise be a contributing member to society’s well-being.-Yes, but that can break down to being a good-hearted person in general.
3. …won’t put others down to make himself feel better.- Good point, but that can be also simplified to being comfortable in himself
4. …will treat everyone with respect.- Respect. On point.
5. …will have a job.- I am always a little wary of that demand. While I do agree with it, some people have the roles reversed in their household. For all intents and purposes, as a "quality," it's out.

6. …will not smoke pot.- I think this and any other substance abuse related demands can be combined into, "Will not do something that puts his life at danger everyday."
7. …will talk when the need arises versus trying to put it off until later.-Yeahhh.. I can't say I disagree, but that's specific. I think it could be put under honesty.
8. …will not watch ESPN endlessly.- Ehh. I am an avid supporter of guys need guy time. So while I don't think they need to spend every second with me, they can not have a life of ESPN. Unless it is their job. Out.
9. …will not judge me for watching bad TV.-Agree, but it isn't by any means a deal-breaker in the relationship. Make fun of me all you want, I'm just gonna turn around and laugh at your video games. :P What is a relationship without a little teasing.
10. …will not be jealous of my gay best friend.- I agree, but who does that?! It's out. 11. …will not want to spend every waking second with me.-Yeah, but there are like 3 other demands that pretty much say the same thing. Unnecessary. How about, takes the required amount of time needed to himself, but not overboard.
12. …will call and not text.- I'm also cautious of this. It would be nice sometimes, but by no means a DEMAND. Out.
13. …will be tall.- So you're not going to fall in love with someone's personality because they're short? Hmm.. can we say SHALLOW!
14. …will be emotionally mature, available, and evolved.-Bingo. But, I think you can just say mature. That covers it.
15. …will not wear a cell phone holster. -AMEN. But again, not a deal-breaker.
16. …will know how to manage his money- Yes, but change that to responsible, and it covers a lot more and is less intimidating.
17. …will not be vain.- Humble, yeah, but if he's already good-hearted, he is almost automatically humble.
18. …will ask me how I’m doing and how my day was and actually care.- Conscientious. Yep.
19. …will be content sometimes to spend the whole day in bed watching movies and eating takeout.- That's just being loving and adventurous.
20. …will compliment me every now and then, especially when I’ve made an effort to look nice for a night out.-Conscientious and good-hearted. Who doesn't love to be complimented. :)
21. …will not be an alcoholic.-Again, danger.
22. …will have goals, dreams, and the drive to achieve them.- Driven, hard working.
23. …will understand that ‘No’ means ‘No.'-This hits SO many points. Respectful, conscientious, good-hearted. It's in, but indirectly.
24. …will know how to do his own laundry.- Responsible.
25. …will text or call just to say ‘Hi.’- Conscientious.
26. …will not live across the country.-Could that even be considered a relationship?? Out.
27. …will consider a long distance relationship if he has to move away.- Ehhh.. If you're already in a good relationship, it should just work out. If not, Then it's for the best. Doesn't this contradict the previous demand anyway.
28. …will be interested in culture, music, art, and travel.-Sure, but this goes under mature. Because most mature men, care about things that either you care about, or have a good sense of what good art, music etc. is.
29. …will have read a book since high school.- Yes, but this could go under mature in a round-about way. If he is mature enough, he will know that life isn't all about sitting in front of video games and such. He will want to educate himself more and broaden his mind.
30. …will not snore…much.-Worst demand ever. Out.
31. …will tell the truth. Honesty.
32. …will be open-minded and non-judgmental of others.-Goes with good-hearted.
33. …will put as much effort forth to find out about my day as I did about his.-Conscientious.
34. …will learn how to communicate like an adult.-Mature.
35. …will actually enjoying spending time with me.- This I think, opens maybe a new sub-category, but it goes with loving me for me.
36. …will be crazy about me as much as I will be about him.-Same as above.
37. …will not make me feel dumb or childish.-Mature and respectful. This IS a borderline deal-breaker, but it doesn't need to be so specific.
38. …will appreciate the art of foreplay.- Lol. Yes. That is important. But I think this can go into being passionate, in and out of private.
39. …will not try to teach me when I didn’t ask to be taught.-This is a strange demand. Perhaps, because I always enjoy being taught new things by my boyfriend. I want to learn anything he has to teach me, but if you do feel as such, it would go under being respectful.
40. …will wear plaid well.- Yes. Ma'am. Has a sense of style, and dresses appropriately.
41. …will want to go to sleep at night with me, and wake up beside me in the mornings, not on the couch.-This is so random and specific.. Out.
42. …will have sex with his eyes open, most of the time.-........? Out.
43. …will appreciate my efforts to try new things.- New avenue! Be adventurous! Yes. I FULLY agree with being with someone who is open to learn and try new things, maybe just because you want to try them, so he'll do it with you.
44. …will talk to me when something bothers him.-Honesty at it's best.
45. …will love me for me — faults, imperfections and all — and love me all the more for them.-This is going with being mature, but I think I would like to put it in it's own requirement. It says a lot and covers a lot of other things on this list.
46. …will continually surprise me.-This doesn't need to be with gifts or presents or whatever, but with doing something new, or even something about their actions. I LOVE being pleasantly surprised with something they say or do. I love learning new things about my boyfriend.
47. …will lovingly accept my neurosis.-Accept me for me.
48. …will have the ‘we’ team mentality.-This is being respectful and honest with each other, but I think it does raise a good point of having a mutual respect and give and take, if you will, in the relationship.
49. …will stay with me through joy and pain.-Conscientiousness and respect. And loving me for me.
50. …will have a backbone in the relationship and not be afraid to tell me ‘no.’- I like the meaning behind it, but not the wording. I think a good sense to stand up for what they believe in. Also not to let one person get too out of control. Keep each other in line
51. …will be a great kisser.-Duh. But that can be taught ;)
52. …will have a great sense of humor, but know when to be serious.- Spot on.
53. …will be more passionate in random moments.- Got it.
54. …will know who he is as a person and be honest about that.- Check.
55. …will think I’m HOT, not just cute.- Eh.. I want to be considered beautiful not matter what I look like. Even if he doesn't think I'm 'hot.' Out.
56. …will treat me as well as my friends do.- Unless you have crappy friends. Just treat me with love and respect.
57. …will be able to laugh at himself.- Check.
58. …will have a regular sized temper than does not super-size itself randomly.- This, believe it or not, falls under being passionate. If there is something he believes in so fervently that he is going to get mad over it, it is a good thing. ESPECIALLY if it's you.
59. …will kiss me passionately every once and a while.- I love that. My thing is to treat ever kiss as if it were the first and the last. :)
60. …will give me space.- Covered
61. …will not have a fixation with his ex.-Yes, but thats obvious. Mature
62. …will not make me feel like I’m only second best.- I don't think anyone should do that, but it goes with being respectful
63. …will be able to think more than two days in the future.- This is kind of obvious, but it goes along with being hard working and driven and having goals for themselves.
64. …will not go to bed at 9:30 pm.-Strange... I mean, if he needs to go to bed early to get up early I would rather him do that than go to bed late and suffer the next day. That's being responsible. Out.
65. …will have a good spiritual connection, but not enough to make me think he may want to be a priest.- This is maturity. If he knows himself well enough to have made a decision of whether or not to have a faith or religion than he's probably pretty mature.
66. …will want a family.-I PERSONALLY agree, but if YOU don't want a family, it would be counter-productive if your boyfriend does. Out.
67. …will know what a commitment is and follow up that knowledge with actions that support it.-This sentence doesn't even make any sense. But I will agree with the word commitment.
68. …will understand that relationships aren’t all perfect, and that sometimes fighting can resolve difficult issues.- I take from this, being willing to work for the relationship, because it won't come easily.
69. …will like going out on a week night sometimes, rather than just watching TV.- Not being uptight and stuffy, got it. Even though it contradicts number 19.
70. …will be responsible with money..-This was number 16 too...... -__-
71. …will get more satisfaction than dissatisfaction from his job.- I like the idea of this. Doing something that you love everyday, rather than something you hate. But you can not always be picky when it comes to jobs. Sometimes, you just need a job. You may hate it every day, but the fact that you go to it, because you know you need money for bills, is being VERY mature and responsible and I really respect that.
72. …will appreciate that my child is my number one priority.-Unless you don't have a child..
73. …will be able to deal with my pet.- Or a pet..
74. …will talk dirty.- ;) This goes along with being passionate and being adventurous.
75. …will be confident in himself, but not egotistical.-Got it.
76. …won’t have an extensive and publicly known porn collection.-LOL. This is so obvious. And HILARIOUS.
77. …will trust me.-Yes.
78. …will be more interested in sex because he wants to be with me, not because it’s sex and he just wants it.- kind of loving me for me, kind of being passionate... I don't know.. strange
79. …will love wine.-I don't give a crumb if he doesn't like wine. He can drink whatever he wants. Out.
80. …will take out the trash and happily do the dishes.- This is being mature, and we certainly appreciate it. But I don't think it's necessary.
81. …will not take himself so seriously.-Covered
82. …will not beat a dead horse of a conversation when we disagree, and try to strong arm to prove he is right- What does this even mean?! There is way too much in that sentence. Out simply on the fact it doesn't make any sense.
83. …will not be selfish with his love when things don’t go his way.-This is not being childish. If my boyfriend acted like that, I would go home. LOL
84. …will say he’s open minded and actually mean it- Yep
85. …won’t judge me by my past relationships.- I whole heartedly believe that past relationships should be discussed, because you learn more about each other that way.
86. …will not remind me of how hot girls are that are the complete opposite of me.-This is being respectful and loving me for me.
87. …will not push anal sex on me every time I’m on my period.-...........................Um. This makes me pretty uncomfortable. Out.
88. …will have sex with me while I’m on my period.-Again..... Um. Out.
89. …will have already installed the filter that lets him know when not to say inappropriate, offensive things in front of me.-Coming from a person that gets offended by almost nothing.. Out.
90. …will love that I have such a big heart.-That's a little conceited, but I suppose if he loves you, he loves your big heart..
91. …will be smart but not snide.- Yes, and confident, but not arrogant.
92. …will not have friends of the opposite sex who aren’t just friends.- That is pretty much a given too.. Infidelity will not be tolerated.
93. …will love that I’m independent.-Unless you're not. Out.
94. …will be okay with little displays of affection such as holding hands.- Yes, that is important. But that goes with wanting to spend time together, and all that jazz.
95. …will not be in trouble with the law.-Yes, but if he is responsible, mature, and knows how to handle himself, he won't be.. That is kind of essential in any relationship.
96. …will like to go down on me.-.....................Out.
97. …will not spend engagement-ring money on a Skeeball lane for his basement.-....??????? Again. Weird and too specific. Out. 

98. …will VOTE and not make excuses about why he chooses not to vote.-That is being a respectable member of society
99. …will NOT be a manorexic gym fanatic.-I like to go to the gym, but right, not manorexic. I like some meat on my man ;)
100. …will stand up for me if someone unexpectedly attacks me, verbally or otherwise, and ask questions later.- Yep. I want to be spoken for if necessary, but I can fight a battle or two for myself.

Okay. So here is the new list. I have broken it down into about 15 things, that are pretty essential in I would hope any guy and especially a boyfriend. I might be a little biased, and have based this a little bit around my boyfriend :) There are also a few things that are pretty essential to the relationship as a whole, and not just specific qualities from one person. The list is in order (pretty much) from what I think is most important, to what (out of the list) is less important. 

1. Honest
2. Mature
3. Respectful
4. Passionate

5. Doesn't take himself to seriously/sense of humor
6. Trusting
7.  Responsible
8. Good-hearted
9. Conscientious
10. Down to Earth
11. Loves me for who I am

12. Be adventurous
13. Driven and hard-working
14. Has a sense of style and dresses appropriately.

15. Believes in something and stands up for it.

16. Is comfortable and confident in himself. 

Things that are essential for a healthy functioning relationship:

Mutual respect and commitment in the relationship

Keep each other in line. 
Try to learn something new about each other every day.
Have a healthy respect for the needs of each other. Know each other's boundaries.

I think both of those are good lists. As you can see, I got that list of 100 down to about 20, in all. Again, those are for me specifically and you can feel free to think differently. I am lucky that my boyfriend possesses these qualities and I don't have to worry! :D Tell me if you like the list!!

<3 -R

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